IceLube  products have been used aboard vessels as follows:



Vessel                                    Owner /Manager                               Unit                                           Products

M/S Berge Arrow                   Sig. Bergesen                                       M.E                                                    ”

M/S Berge Eagle                                 ”                                              Aux                                                     ”

M/S Igloo Tor                                     ”                                              Hydraulics                          Hydraulic treatment

M/S Berge Spirit                                 ”                                              Hydraulics                          Hydraulic treatment

M/S Berge Saga                                  ”                                              Sterntube                                      LiquidSeal

M/S Berge Sword                               ”                                               Hydraulics                          Hydraulic treatment

M/V Takayama                       Barber Ship Management                    M. E + aux.                                         ”

M/V Aurora                                        ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/V Somen                                        ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Tagus                                          ”                                              Aux. & Air Cooler                               ”

M/S Trinidad                                       ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/V Taronga                                      ”                                              Ro Ro bridge                     Hydraulic treatment

M/V Front  Fighter                  Frontline                                             Aux                                                      ”

M/V Probo Elk                       The Klavenes Group                           Sterntube                                      LiquidSeal

M/S Hoegh Mistral                  Leif Hoegh & Co Shipping                  Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Atlantic Prestige               V. Ships Norway                                M.E                                                    ”

Gulfax A+B+C                       Procon Drilling                                   Wash Pipe                                 PTFE Grease

Deepsea Trym                         Oddfjell Drilling                                      ”                                           PTFE Grease

M/V Unity                               Unity Fishing                                     Gear                                          Gear Treatment

M/T  Simona                           Hansen & Tangen                                M.E + aux.                  Engine Metal Treatment

M/T  Oscona                                   ”                                                                         ”                                              ”

M/V Gen. Cabat                     Jebsen Ship Management                    M.E                                                   ”

M/V Sea Pride                        Wesnav                                               M.E + aux.                                          ”

M/V Hedda                                        ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/V Solveig                                        ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/V Federal Vibeke                           ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/V Federal Oslo                               ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/V Sally Stove                                  ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/v Alette Stove                                 ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”                     

M/V Peter Wessel                   Colour Line Marine                             M.E                                                    ”

M/V Prinsesse Ragnhild          Colour Line Marine                           Hydraulics                                 Hydraulic Treatment

M/V Norgas Pioneer               NGC                                                   Gear                                           Gear Treatment         

M/S Martin Senior                   Mεlψy Sildoljefabrikk                          M.E                                                    ”

M/S Henrik Ibsen                    A/S Turisttrafikk                                  M.E                                                    ”

M/V Black Watch                   Fred Olsen Cruise Line                        M.E. bearings  & aux.                         ”

D/V Borgland Dolphin             Fred Olsen Drilling                             Hydraulics                         Hydraulic treatment

M/S Fonntind                          Gullfond Ship Management                  M.E. + aux.                                         ”

M/S Sava Star                                    ”                                              M.E. + hydraulics                                ”

M/S Skude Jura                       Skude Offshore                                  ME + aux                                            “

M/S Skude Pioneer                 Skude Offshore                                   ME +aux                                            “

M/S Bryteren                          Bukser & Bergning                              M.E.                                                   ”

M/F Jacobine                          Bilferjen Drψbak-Hurum                     M.E                                                    ”

M/S Fjorddronningen              TFDS                                                 M.E                                                    ”

M/F Helgψy                             TFDS                                                 Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Lady Elisabeth                 Norway Fjordcruise                            M.E                                        Engine treatment

M/S LadyAnne                                    ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/T Navion Viking                  Rasmussen Maritime Services AS        M.E                                                    ”

M/T Polysaga                                      ”                                              Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Aurlandsfjord I                Aurland Cruise                        M.E                                                    ”

M/S Aurlandsfjord II                           ”                                              M.E.                                                   ”

M/S Normand Prosper            Solstad Shipping                                Aux                                                      “

M/S Norman Tonjer               Solstad Shipping                                 Sterntube                                      LiquidSeal

M/F Huldra                             Bundefjorden Damp.                           M.E                                                    ”

M/F Dronningen                                  ”                                              M.E.                                                   ”

M/F Smψrbukk                                   ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Ullensvang                       Fylkesbεtane                                       M.E.                                                   ”

M/S Gulen                                          ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Villa                                 Kystverket                                          Aux.                                                    ”

M/S West Master                    Vestland Rederi AS                             Aux.                                                   ”

M/S West Stream                               ”                                              M.E.&Aux.                                         ”

M/S Gardsea                                      ”                                              M.E. &Aux                                         ”

M/S Guard Baltic                                “                                              M.E.&Aux                                          “

M/S Polarbulk                         Falkeid Shipping                                  Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Mercator                                     ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Sjψfart                                         ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Polarbulk                                     ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Solskjζr                          B.S. Ψkonomi                                     M.E                                                     “

M/S Richard With                   OFDS                                                 Generator                                    Gear Treatment

M/S Polarlys                           OFDS                                                  Gir                                               Gear Treatment

M/S Fensfjord                         Fonnes Management                           M.E                                                    ”

M/S Wani Swan                      Norse Management AS                       Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Wani Falcon                                  ”                                            Gear       

M/S Nyvang                            Einarsen Shipping                                M.E + Aux.                                         ”

M/S Meka                                             “                                            Gear                                        Gear Treatment

M/S Guardwind                       Friborg Management                           M.E                                                    ”

M/S Guard Baltic                    Tananger Offshore                               M.E                                                    ”

M/S Frihav                              Frihav AS                                           M.E.                                                   ”

M/S Skude Jura                      Skude Offshore AS                             M.E                                                    ”

M/S Skude Pioneer                             ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Grinna                             Mikkal Myklebusthaug Rederi AS       M.E                                                    ”

M/S Fonnes                                        ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Star Trader                      Alendals Rederi                                   M.E                                                    ”

M/S West Trader                                ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S South Trader                               ”                                              M.E                                                    ”

M/S Geo Searcher                  Eidesvik AS                                        Aux.                                                    ”

M/S Viking Queen                              ”                                              Hydaulics                                Hydraulic treatment           

M/S Vikstraum                        Seagull marine Management                 M.E                                        Engine treatment

M/S Orient Explorer                Petroleum Geoservices                       Seismic guns                            Special PTFEgrease

M/S Ramford Explorer                        ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                     

M/S Ocean Explorer                           ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                                 

M/S Nordic Explorer                          ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                     

M/S Atlantic Explorer                          ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                                 

M/S PGS Explorer                              ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                     

M/S American Explorer                       ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                                 

M/S Ramford Challenger                     ”                                              Seismic guns                                        ”                                 

M/S Geo Pasific                      Fugro Geoteam AS                             Seismic guns                                        ”                     

M/S Star Geiranger                 Westfal-Larsen                                    Gear                                        Gear treatment

D/R Siri                                   Statoil                                                 Pump                                                  “



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